Doctor Who Opening :1986 4K

My rendition of the excellent starfield (with tons of colorful insanity) by Sid Sutton!

Dark Trial of a Timelord


Revision of the 2005 title sequence, using Cinema 4d and the Trapcode Suite. The vortex is Mir, while the TARDIS, names, and new logo were created in Cinema 4d.

War Eternal

Titles focusing on John Hurt's War Doctor, using Cinema 4d and the Trapcode Suite. The TARDIS, Dalek ships, Gallifrey, and Gallifreyan Citadel were created in Cinema 4d.


Experiments with Trapcode Mir, Cinema 4d and blending modes.


Recreation of the 1980 titles, primarily using the Trapcode suite and Optical Flares.

Night of the Doctor

Short titles for the Paul McGann minisode, using Cinema 4d. The vortex was created using fractal noise and rather too much cc vector blur.

Baker vs Baker

An attempt at creating a neon glow version of the 1970s slit-scan titles by Bernard Lodge. See my new Trial of a Timelord opening for something more restrained and detailed

Time Shift

My first work with the Trapcode Suite and Element 3d. Visual fusion of several classic series Doctor Who openings.

No More

My first War Doctor sequence. Trapcode Form storm was created using audio react, while the ghost TARDIS at the opening was created by applying Trapcode form to Element 3d.

Time Warp

A classic howlaround opening, created by pointing a camera at a monitor displaying it's own output, resulting in a feedback loop. The exact same technique was used on the original Doctor Who openings throughout the 60s and early 70s.

Time Warp Color

This is the same opening as Time Warp, but I colorized it in bright colors as was done with the original Third Doctor titles.