DC Comics Superhero Logos

A collection of logo redesigns and branding for various DC Comics Superheroes. The intention is that they retain enough of the classic aesthetic but bring something new to the characters.

Additionally, the styles were designed to be consistent while still speaking to the individuality of each hero.


This is my design for a Tie-Fighter from Star Wars. I wanted to break with the usual 2-wing structure and give the shape of the body a slight twist, reminiscent of Boba Fett's Slave I ship from Empire Strikes Back. This, along with the sail shaped wings, gives it a unique silhouette.

TARDIS Interior

Various images from my unfinished Doctor Who opening set entirely within the TARDIS. Due to render times, this will likely never be completed, but I continue to model and work with it visually. Entirely created within Cinema 4d.


Some stills from an unfinished 7th Doctor opening. I'm not entirely happy with the look of the galaxy, which is why this project is on hold for the moment.

Doctor Who Trial Logo

A logo I created specifically for Season 23 of the original series of Doctor Who, the Trial of a Timelord. The intention was something that would get across the arrogance and self assuredness of both the Sixth Doctor (played by Colin Baker) and the Timelords themselves.

Inversal Experiment

A collection of still images from my Inversal opening.

Water Vortex

Just a time vortex test, using Trapcode Mi.

War Eternal Stills

A collection of still images from my War Eternal opening.

Lego Doctor Images

A series of images from my ongoing Lego Doctor who project.

2013 Vortex

An attempt at recreating the shape and visual style of the time vortex from the 2013 opening, but with the bright orange and blue hues of the 2010 opening.